Sunday, March 28, 2010


hye everyone..!!   we meet again ... hari nie i nk cter pasal guitar .. guitar nie satu instrument music yg memerlukan kita memetik strings/ tali yg ada untuk menghasilkan satu bunyi yg sedap mengikut cter rase masing2..haha... usually guitar mempunyai 6 strings/ tali yg di pasang di atas guitar.. and each of the strings come out with a very different sound.. hahaha.. thats the overview of what is guitar.. fuhh.. klu ckp pasal guitar kn.. sblm i taw maen, i ske tgk org men guitar taw.. coz i really love to play guitar .. i still remember, 1st time i blaja guitar tyme kat kolej dlu [diploma].. mse tu 1st sem msuk kolej..ktorg telah ditempatkn di sebuah apartment [apartment sri putra] berdekatan ngn IOI Kulai shopping mall.. mmg boring gler kat apartment tu.. yela, ape pn xder just ader katil kipas and bantal utk tdo.. TV pn xder utk hiburan... 1st sem mmg xbyk aktiviti yg ader .. just sesi suai knal ngn student n lecturer klu ader klz.. pas2 blek rumah dh xtaw nk wtpe.. naseb baik mase 2, kat IOI mall 2 ader pusat K-Box utk kami2 nie pg cari hiburan utk isi mase terluang.. almost everyday ktorg g karok.. tetibe ktorg terpikir, asik2 g karok..abes gak duit.. last2 my friend [alston steven johnny] g cari inisiatif lain utk berhibur..he can play guitar so we decided to find a guitar to buy and play at home.. harapan ktorg menjadi kenyataan coz ktorg dpt beli guitar 2.. the one who the most exciting with that news .. with that guitar, i will be able to learn how to play it..

the next day, we started to play the guitar after class.. for ur info, Alston is a Sabahan boy.. so, there will be a song from sabah he play.. the song call Bulan 8 Di Sandakan .. aiseh..nk kuar lar plx...xper2...jap lagi i smbung eh..bye2..:)


hye everyone...erkkk!! alhamdulillah..hehehe..sorie..bru jek pas breakfast td.. fuhh..lme seh xbreakfast kat rmh.. ngn my parents and my cousin .. my siblings? still sleepy beauty ..dunno when to wake up ..haha.. td breakfast ape? em.. td breakfast roti canai segera jek... tp overall i feel great to have breakfast with them :)) .. so, hari nie nk cter cket pasal breakfast ... breakfast nie adalah aktiviti mkn2 di waktu pagi .. byk bende yg kt bole mkn ... mcm yg i ckp td .. roti canai segera [ nie kne msak sendiri lar kat rmh ], roti cecah ngn milo [ hahaha.. nie paling senang ], nasik lemak [ fuhh..klu mkn terasa mcm nk smbung tdo blek..:)) ], koko krunch [ em.. i slalu kne bahan ngn mknn nie.. konon nk bg tinggi lar..WHATEVER ..lalala~ ], mee goreng and many others.. [ klu nk ckp sume, jenuh lar beb nk taip..haha ].... delicious isn't it :) ...ya kinda... nme pn breakfast kn? msti lar mkn waktu pagi.. tp selalunyerr ramai yg xmkn breakfast.. students are the one who usually wont having breakfast in the morning .. they will prefer eating lunch on the day.. nk taw ape sebab dorg slalu xmkn pagi?.. hahaha.. its very smelly i guess ;P.. research shows that .. hahahah ... dorg takut nnt sakit perut!! hahaha...mmg btol pn... dh byk kali dh i tanye member2 yg xmkn pagi dorg takut sakit perut... yela..dh pkai smart2, time tu jgk sakit perut ... mmg hampeh lar.. tp, when we having our breakfast, we not just eating only.. we can generate our brain and energy needed that we will use it on the regular basis such as going to school, working , etc ... doctors also recommended that we have to take our breakfast everyday to maintain our energy and health... [ cm doktor lar plak kn..haha ].. so, the conclusion is that .. kite kne mkn breakfast supaya akan sentiasa sihat dan menjalani kehidupan yang seimbang ... okey folks.. we will meet again in some other time.. no music, no life ...PEACE YO!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


assalamualaikum, everyone ;))..
we start our day with a smile...
smile can make ur day happy...
try it urself..u wake up in the morning, just smile..
n im sure ur day will be happy...;))
today i wanna share with all of u, my childhood day.. sure u guys out there have their own childhood history..
same goes to me...i also have that kind of story.. be the eldest son in the family is fun and interesting i guess...
mybe i can beat all my siblings until they cry and feel the pain..hahahaha.. not such a good brother that day...
i always beat my 2nd brother [ izzat ] until he cries...damn..he such a cry baby...
no wonder bcoz when i beat him, he will cry loud like i wanna kill him..hahaha...
that day, i dont like my siblings..i just wanna be me all alone..and conquer everything in the house..hahaha...
same goes to my ther siblings [ farah and hareth faisal ]...i always beat them...
and i feel like i was the strongest brother in the world...but i guess im not...when my siblings cries, my dad [ Mr.Abd Kadir ] will slap me...hhahaha...and i was afraid more to my mother because she will beat me using "tali pinggang", "rotan", etc...and i still remember when my mother "cili" me on my entire body when she saw me come home from sek agama "basah kuyup"..hahaha..all my "defences" [alasan] cant help me on that time [ i said the raining cause me..but she already knew that im the one who play in the rain until "basah kuyup"..guess all mother knew what their child doin..kinda like they are on the scene..] klakar plx ayat i nie...but i thing u guys understand rite..good ;)...and i never go out from my room [merajuk] to eat dinner until i felt asleep..hahaha...and there are many stuff that i done durin my chilhood day such as i like to "bongkar2" all the closet and drawer...i dunno why or what things that i wanna find..besides that, i like to play with all my toys and stuff...the very popular toys on that time is LEGO Brick..damn..i love to play lego that time..hahaha...i quite costly bust still fun to play...what else...em...nothing much coz i forgot what else..hahaha...but i've got some cute pictures of me when i was a lil are some of it...

::1st child::

::still learn to walk:: with my aunt,my mother,cousin and my brother::

:: hahaha..guess which one is me?::


::me=the blue hand with a red baju melayu::

::waiting for my turn to "amek air smbahyang"::

::when im in TASKI Al-HADI learning on how to pray::

::hahahaha..dunno what im doin on that time::

::me with my cousin udin [ im the one who smile..cute rite ]::

::with my granpa..lets us give al-fatihah for him::

hahahaha..thx for reading u guys...we will me again some other time..
no music, no life..PEACE!!!


hey everyone ;) are  guys doin rite now?i hope everythings fine :)) i just wanna shared with all of u about internet..damn..its hard when internet connection are not around u..same goes to me.."..only god knows why.." yeah..its is true bcoz as for a student..using internet, i can find some info on the latest current issues, football news [ sure the man utd news ;)) ], doin some research for my assignment [ damn..this is the most important thing i use the internet..finding information to complete my assignments [ yeah..the assignmnet is killing me rite now..] and many other sure u guys ut there have the same problems when internet connection are not with for now, i guess i have to borrow my friend's [ aliff, YDP Marketeers] broadband to surf the internet..the cyber cafe is far far away from my house..usually i will go to laksamana to surf the internet..but tday the cc are close..and for the mean time i go to snoopycyber cafe near the "teratak stall" at segamat town..em, thats why i prefer to borrow the broadband rather than i've to go to the cc..sory alipp my house in JB, i've got wireless everyday i will surf the internet because the line is always there for me..hahaha...thats when i come home, but when me and my brother [ izzat, UTM Skudai] when back to our campus, no one surfing the intenet..i dunno why..internet is great when we do the good thing..but its also have some major disadvantages when the irresponsible person do the "bad" thing when they surf the internet..its not good okey ;)..em, what else i wanna say..i guess thats all for tday..i will post again in some other time...

no music, no life..


hye everybody ;))...we meet again today..the time is 9.27a.m. and now im in class internet marketing with all my class-mate listening to PM Kamel lecture...for the record, i think i come early to this class b'coz afraid that i will be lock out when i come late..[hahahaha..almost half of the class be lock out last week..and we stay outside until then PM Kamel give the permissoin to us to come into the class..hahaha..sad story isnt it..lalalal~]...but this is not the reason i wrote this post..i just wanna share with all of u about facebook..

and as we are all already know, facebook is a social network that allow people to interact through the world wide web (WWW) throughout the world..we can add pictures, stating our personal identity/ information, videos, music, and many more...kinda like friendster, myspace, multiple and other social network that be establish in the internet..its all the same social network but the uses is not because the people all around the world will use the social network according to the latest trand or interest..same goes to me..if not, i will not have the facebook account as well as friendster and myspace...

for me, social network is important because i can actually interact with all my friend easily...and i just can search all my long-lost-friend that are not been contact in a long period and many others..or maybe find a new friends or many other things..using facebok also, we can doin business and generate profit when we can publish advertisement and stuff like that..$$$$ :)...we also can play games such as world, football manager, etc..ahhhh...there are soo much to tell u bout' facebook but the time not allowing me to do that[ the class are already finish..hahaha ], we will meet again in some other music,no life..peace!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010









::MY PERFORMANCE:: comment if u like =)
thanx 4 wtching =)
no music,no life =)

Monday, March 22, 2010


hello again my friend out, i want to shared with u guys about the match between my fav team Manchester United vs Liverpool yesterday...and im glad with the win..yeah..glory!!glory!!man utd f.c. yeah!!!! so, the story began.......

Manchester United came from behind to clamber back to the Premier League summit with a 2-1 victory to trample on Liverpool's top-four hopes. and Park Ji-sung headed home the winner after an hour, securing the spoils after Wayne Rooney's 33rd goal of the season had controversially levelled Fernando Torres' fifth-minute opener. Although victory was not achieved without a nervy ending, during which Torres spurned a glorious chance to equalise, the result kept United's noses in front of Arsenal and Chelsea.
For Liverpool though, fight was not enough. When they scored four times in the corresponding fixture last season, it appeared to open the door to that championship Holy Grail. Not only has that been proved fool's gold, a 10th defeat of the season leaves them requiring slip-ups from Tottenham and others just to finish in a Champions League spot. What Rafael Benitez claimed before Christmas was a guaranteed fourth-place finish could hardly be further away.

Sir Alex Ferguson once claimed that a game of tiddlywinks between what the majority still believe to be England's biggest clubs could trigger the deepest of passions. Certainly there was no sense of inferiority from the visitors despite their present status, and with good reason. It was the Merseysiders who had won the last three meetings - each of which featured the dismissal of Nemanja Vidic, who it seems in Torres has found someone he simply cannot handle.Such is the mystique surrounding that duel there was an audible gasp the first time Torres ran at the Serbian. Like so much of the opening period's final half-hour, it petered out disappointingly. The spark had been ignited long before that, although Torres was the one who flicked the switch.

By his very demeanour, Torres gave the impression of being a man on a mission. Five minutes into the contest, he seized on the loose ball after Michael Carrick had lost possession, sending Steven Gerrard away at top speed with an inspired backheel. As Gerrard found Dirk Kuyt to his right, Torres continued his own run, United's defence never set properly to ensure the Spaniard remained under their control.

By the time Kuyt dug out his cross, Torres was on his own. Park's wayward effort from a similar position later on proved the goal was anything but the routine effort it looked to be as the Spanish star guided the ball out of Edwin van der Sar's reach. Quite apart from falling behind against such fierce rivals, an increasingly enthralling title race demanded a United comeback.

For Liverpool, the equaliser came far too quickly. The controversy was immediate too. Benitez argued Javier Mascherano's attempt to haul back Antonio Valencia was outside the box, which, indeed, was where the infringement began. Ferguson countered the combative midfielder had prevented a clear goalscoring opportunity. The managers - no friends these two - continued their finger-jabbing row long after Rooney had tucked home the rebound from a spot-kick awarded by Howard Webb and saved by Pepe Reina.

That was it for the goal threat until the hour mark arrived. During his long career, Gary Neville has gone on plenty of unselfish runs down the right wing, knowing David Beckham or, more latterly, Cristiano Ronaldo were never going to give him the ball. Darren Fletcher is not quite of that attacking calibre but Neville must have sensed his run was purely to provide space for the Scot. So it proved. As Neville flew past on the overlap, Emiliano Insua edged to his right. In an instant, Fletcher had exploited the gap and curled over a cross. As Rooney and Jamie Carragher tussled and tugged, Park arrived behind them, launching himself at the ball like a guided missile and powering the diving header into the corner of Reina's goal.

Rooney had one more chance before the end, which he fired wide. Torres was on the end of a far better one when Steven Gerrard drilled over a low cross near the end. For once against United, the Spaniard miscued and Yossi Benayoun headed the loose ball straight at van der Sar. United could celebrate, Neville and Ferguson doing the cheerleading. Liverpool's money men are staring at a big black hole marked Champions League, Benitez is failing on his guarantees.

and as for my friend Mohd Hafiz Mazalan..pity for u..ur team has lost time eh bro =)....


hye everyone...we meet again today :))..nothing much to say...may i proceed 2 the main reason i wrote this post... i just wanna shared with u about SPM result... and 1 of the candidates is my lil' sister, Farah Yasmin .. wow, im very surprise with her result...and for the record, she got 9A 1B ( b-chemist)  ......
clever isnt she :)) ...and im very proud of her... n i mean it...
what??? can a brother like me be proud of my lil' sister?? sure can rite.. :))
now, she waiting for me at home b'coz she want me to give her a present .. and hanging out with her brothers.. mybe next week i'll went back home to jb and hangout with her n my other siblings.... coz last 2 week im very bz with my activity dinner and my class,wait for me okey akak :))...i'll be back soon ;))
thx for reading...we will meet music, no life..peace!!



hey everyone...lame gak xmerepek dlm blog,internert kat rmh xder...nk g cc malas..nk masuk kampus lagi,phm2 jela..hahahahaha..arinie cm xder pape nk bwt,i'll update my blog...:))
so, as u can see from the title above, i will explain more on what happen last 2days..
and the story began.................

last 2days, me and my classmate go on a class trip to Dorani Homestay at Sg.Besar for our subject Product Management..n seramai 40 students 1 lecturer (Pn. Zurina)  if im not mistaken, pergi ke sana..
ktorg pergi by bus and a van coz bus xmuat nk sumbat sume2 org so ader lar van utk bwk org2 yg xnaik bus...and as usual, time mgt is the most important things klu nk go on a trip in group..but, people not take it seriously..akibatnyerr, perjalanan yg sepatotnyerr pkul 8am jd pkul 815am coz tggu org yg xsmpai2..hahaha..xper lar..janji melayu mmg cm2..ihik :) .. so, ktorg terukan lar jgk p'jalanan ke sg. besar...
dlm bus plx, konon2 sume cm nk, tidak same sekali..
BERGaMBaR!! yeah... aktiviti yg paling wajib bg student2 uitm..kononnyerr nk masuk dlm report nnt..opss..i forgot 2 say bout the report..xper lar..nnt nk abes nnt, i tell u all..ha, back 2 the story...
bergambar...mmg aktiviti wajib..before & after trip msti wajib amek gmbar..utk kenangan...bkan senang nk g trip sesame..seb baik ramai yg bwk, say cheese!! :))
mmg agak byk lar gmbar yg ktorg amek..bole smpai beratus2 klu xsilap..mane xnyerr, cket2 amek gmbr..cket2 amek gmbr... [ including me..ihik:)] i mmg ske amek gmbr..hahaha...
so, jalan punye jalan...akhirnyerr smpai gak kat DORANI HOSMESTAY 2..pegh..mmg jauh gler rasenyerr p'jalanan nk pg kat c2...ktorg smpai dlm 230pm gitu lar sbb 2 kali berhenti..smpai2, org2 yg handle homestay 2 bg lar ucapan2 ringkas..pas2 ckp ape 2 dorani homestay n so on..after that, dorg soh kt mkn sblm go to the next activiti iaitu menumbuk padi..n mencanting batik [btol ker coz i pn dh lupe dh..haha]..
1st activiti..menumbuk padi cara tradisional..pegh..agak payah lar utk org2 yg xbiase bwt..mane xnyerr..penat woo tgn nk tumbuk padi yg paling kelakar, tumbuknyerr cket..amek gmbr plx yg byk..hahahahaha..agaknyerr,pakcik2 kat c2 pandang badi jek tgk ktorg..asek amek gmbr,peduli ape..asal ktorg happy...pakcik 2 pn xder pn ckp pape...:))
lpas jek tumbuk2 padi 2, ktorg bwt activity ke-2 iaitu mencanting batik/ kaler2 batik..haha...
nie pn bole di katekn 1st time for me coz i xpnah bwt bende2 nie..slalu tgk org bwt jek...feel great coz dpt kaler batik sndiri..haha...ader gak aksi2 klakar..masing2 xtaw nk warne cne n nk pkai warne ape nk kaler...yg peliknyerr kan, tetibe jek xtaw warne bunge 2 warne,ape yg penting masing berjaya hasilkn batik sendiri ikut cita rase masing2 n kami bole bwk balik batik yg kami kalerkn 2...nice :))
n at 415pm ktorg pergi ke activity seterusnyerr iaitu menggagau ikan.. kat lumpur...euwwwww =P...hahahaha... smpai jek kat tempat yg di tuju, masing2 cm xsabor nk terjun lumpur the time pakcik yg jage 2 bg turun, bpe kerat jek yg snggup turun..haha...n im the 1 yg turun lar..hahaha...ader lagi yg xturun..hafiz, nafiz, alip, hareth, rafie n many others...ktorg bkn ape, ktorg usha2 dlu ader ker ikan...bak kate rafie, "thing 1st, befor act" haha..poyo btol gak, coz ape yg ktorg tgk, time air byk mmg susah nk dpt ikan dlm 2...susah gle..mujur lar org kg 2 ader alat utk sedut air2 2 keluar..bru lar nmpak ikan2 2..hahaha....
yg klakar nyerr, bdk2 yg turun 2 dh macam kerbau terlepas dh..hahahaha..sorry =)
then aktivity seterusnyerr...mandi...hahahaha...but sorry to say lar kn...mmg xpuas mandi mlm 2 taw...mane  x nyerr..bilik air cume yg pkai 40 org...pegh...berzamn tggu beb...nk2 yg girls yg mandi lame2...wtpe ntah dorg dlm bilik air 2 pn, after mandi, ktorg solat berjemaah dlu jamak&kasar mgrib n isya'.... n tok imam nyerr ialah saye :)) .. hehehe... then, aktivity yg paling best rasenyerr mlm 2..MAKAN!! pegh nasik ambeng sediakan dorg mmg group [apex, apiz, air, alip] mkn smpai tmbh 2kali..hahaha...kenyang tok sah cter lar..mmg knyang gler mlm 2...lpas jek mkn ktorg pergi ker activity seterusnyerr...BERJALAN MLM or name glamor, kne balik jalan kaki ramai2 ker tmpt memula kt smpai siang 2...pegh mmg mcm ape..ktorg kne jalan smbil bwk obor lar kononyerr pergi ke c2...yg xbestnyerr lg, obor 2 bole plx asik nk mati jek api die..tension btol..but after pnt berjalan,akhir smpai jgk...
smpai2 jek ktorg terus cari air coz mmg haus gler lar..jauh gak lar ktorg jalan...then, ktorg di sajikan dgn pertunjukan kuda kepang...the best part is that dorg bg ktorg chance utk rase sndiri main kuda kepang..dorg ajar2 lar skill2 nk main kuda kepang 2...agak susah gak sbnrnyerr..tgk cm senang jek..bila try, ape jek...but still fun lar gak...n sbgai penutup mjlis, dorg sajikan acara kuda kepang yg sebenar iaitu yg mcm kt tgk kat tv 2..mcm yg kt taw, dorg2 yg main kuda kepang nie blaja seni silat skali..n p'mainan kuda kepang yg btol2 dorg main tanpa kne rasuk lar...fuhh...menyeramkn gak lar tgk dorg 2...ader gak student yg lemah semangat terjerit2 ketakutan...but b4 this, pengerusi dh ckp dh suh jage2 coz dorg nk tunjukkn yg betul2 punye kuda kepang..hahahaha...abes jek pertunjukkan,, ktorg terus di bahagikan dgn keluarga angkat for my team [alip,hareth n me] ktorg dpt kluarga HJ. BASAR @ name glamor Hj, Ansor... cter psl pakcik nie, nnt lagi 1 episod i cter... so, ktorg tdo lar umah die...bsok pagi, ktorg teruskn perjalanan pergi ker IKS/SME spt kilang bwt keropok2...kilang wat nata d'coco..[ cne ntah nk eja..lupe lar..hope btol lar ejaan 2..haha]..
so,thats the overview of what happen me with my classmate last 2 days...
n wait for another episode from me..
thx for reading mate!!!
no music, no life..PeaCE!!!! :))